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Welch Allyn and Gentag to develop NFC for medical devices

Iain Morris
October 29, 2014
Device players Welch Allyn and Gentag say are teaming up to develop near field communications (NFC) technology for medical devices and sensors.

Welch Allyn (Skaneateles Falls, NY, USA) is a medical diagnostic device company while Gentag (Washington, DC, USA) describes itself as a pioneer in disposable biosensors that can be read using NFC-enabled devices.

Welch Allyn’s technology includes vital signs and cardiac monitoring solutions, while Gentag claims to be pioneering the use of disposable, ultra-thin wearable and immunoassay biosensors that can be read with NFC-enabled devices.

The aim of the partnership is to bring medical devices equipped with NFC capability to market more quickly.

Welch Allyn reckons that NFC will become increasingly important as remote patient monitoring technologies are rolled out globally.

“This collaborative opportunity will enable Welch Allyn to provide clinicians with smart monitoring solutions and improve patient access to cutting edge diagnostics,” said Stephen Meyer, Welch Allyn’s president and chief executive.

Using Gentag’s NFC technology, Welch Allyn believes it will be possible to integrate ultra-thin battery-less wireless sensors into a number of medical diagnostic devices that could not previously benefit from the technology.

That should allow patient measurement data to be sent wirelessly using NFC systems, boosting efficiency and making clinical information more speedily available.

“We are delighted by the partnership with Welch Allyn,” said John Peeters, Gentag’s chief executive. “Welch Allyn has the knowledge, expertise and global market reach that will allow the globalization of NFC technologies in medical diagnostic settings.”

“By combining our intellectual property and technology portfolios with Welch Allyn, we feel that patients will be better served by the worldwide availability of high quality wireless medical devices,” he added.
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