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Kliux and Advanticsys use M2M to boost renewable energy monitoring

Iain Morris
October 28, 2014

Kliux Energies has announced it is to use remote monitoring technology from Advanticsys to manage its renewable-energy generation facilities.

The two Spanish firms say the combination of their technical capabilities will give rise to higher-quality products in the renewable energy market.

Kliux (La Rioja, Spain) has rights to make and sell a vertical-axis wind turbine that can be integrated with hybrid systems using solar photovoltaic technology.

It says that by combining this product with solar photovoltaic panels, customers can make the most of renewable resources, claiming the technology is capable of supplying 100% of the electricity consumption of an average household.

The idea is to reduce customer dependence on the electrical system and mitigate the impact of rising electricity prices and power outages.

The Advanticsys (Madrid, Spain) technology will allow facilities to be monitored remotely, leading to further improvements and cost savings for energy users.

The remote monitoring system comes with built-in cellular modems that have been engineered to support remote telemetry applications.

In a statement, the companies said the Advanticsys controllers would periodically perform readings for each and every value provided by the manufacturer, including instantaneous measurements like voltage, current or power and cumulative values, such as active or reactive power.

Users can also set up parameters, status indicators and active or recorded alarms.

Moreover, a power analyzer can be connected to the device to monitor electrical parameters.

Besides gathering information, the technology can record the status of switches or alarm sensors and monitor environmental conditions such as wind speed.

The technology is designed to support “comprehensive monitoring of the facility”, allowing customers to identify the root cause of any malfunction and address problems more quickly.

Data is registered in a centralized monitoring platform called Concordia that can be accessed from anywhere and using any device with an internet connection.

Advanticsys says the deal should give a boost to the renewable industry by harnessing its efficiency and productivity through the use of M2M technology.
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