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Panasonic to launch connected health service for assisted living facility residents

Iain Morris
October 22, 2014
Japan’s Panasonic has announced plans to launch a telehealth service called On4Today that is aimed at ensuring residents of assisted living facilities can remain connected.

The technology has been developed by Panasonic’s Health and Wellness Solutions business group and features a tablet device that is connected to the internet using WiFi technology.

The device gives residents options for managing their daily activities and is designed to be easy to use but customizable to suit individual tastes.

Panasonic (Osaka, Japan) says the On4Today service will bridge potential communications gaps between assisted living facility residents and their families, friends and care providers.

The technology could also help to improve staff efficiency, reduce anxiety for residents and promote peace of mind among friends and relatives.

“As the aging population increases, there is growing demand for flexible healthcare solutions capable of addressing a range of needs unique to this group,” said Bob Dobbins, vice president of new business development and head of Panasonic's new Health and Wellness Solutions group.

“Panasonic has the expertise to integrate its technology solutions to create a comprehensive network of care,” he added. “On4TodayTM is another step forward in paving the way for cost-effective ‘care in place’ practices.”

Panasonic says the new service will be launched in November this year.

It represents the first service from the new Health and Wellness Solutions group and has the potential to be developed into a more sophisticated offering that would allow users to monitor health and send data on their vital signs to relatives and caregivers.
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