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Thailand's AIS launches M2M tracking service for enterprise customers

Iain Morris
October 22, 2014

Thai operator AIS has launched an M2M tracking service that will allow enterprise customers to monitor the whereabouts of high-value goods and develop new products for advertising and promotional activities.

The Mobile Track and Trace service has been developed in partnership with location-based services expert W-Locate and will let enterprise users take advantage of improved indoor tracking and M2M capabilities to support logistical and other efficiency improvements.

W-Locate (Singapore) says that its XimLoc technology is designed to let operators provide location-based services from their own networks at minimal expense and boost return on investment.

Because it runs as an algorithm on a mobile device’s SIM card, the XimLoc technology does not require additional investment in costly new hardware.

That also means it can be launched relatively quickly, giving operators an immediate and manageable opportunity in M2M-based service provisioning, claims W-Locate.
Operators can also incorporate SMS notifications into the solution with extra customizable options to generate additional revenues.

“The enterprise sector has been a focus of AIS [Bangkok, Thailand] for a while now,” said Somchai Lertsutiwong, the chief executive of AIS. “As a result, we only want to offer services that we know will deliver a business benefit to our customers.”

“The collaboration with W-Locate and XimLoc highlights our commitment to deliver the highest quality service to our customers by developing strong relationships with leading partners,” he added. “What we saw in XimLoc was a solution that markedly improves on the indoor capabilities of current GPS-based LBS tracking solutions. This key feature is helping us expand our business services portfolio.”

The LBS M2M market could be a major new business activity for mobile network operators looking to expand their enterprise focus.

Thailand’s biggest mobile operator, AIS now claims to serve more than 35 million registered numbers and – like other operators facing a slowdown in traditional business activities – is looking to address new opportunities in M2M and related fields.

“A SIM-based solution such as XimLoc not only opens up better indoor tracking capabilities, but also enables operators to play a defining role in the evolution of the wireless M2M market,” said Stevie Ooi, W-Locate’s chief executive.
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