Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AGT International introduces IoT platform, logistics applications

Iain Morris
October 22, 2014

Swiss analytics player AGT International has launched a new analytics platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things market.

The company says the new technology – branded IoTA – will support various activities, including traffic management, environmental monitoring and infrastructure management.

AGT (Zurich, Switzerland) has also introduced a range of services that will run over the IoTA platform, including a barge identification and tracking application, an operations management service and a wearable sensor technology for police officers.

The barge identification SmartPort service is aimed at improving port and shipping operations through the use of smart tags, Wi-Fi coverage and real-time locating systems.

AGT says the service would help barge operators to operate more efficiently while allowing ports to increase their throughput of goods.

The O&G Pro application, meanwhile, is aimed at extractive industries and intended to help operators improve management and safety through the use of sensors embedded across production facilities and vehicles.

The service helps to identify, monitor, analyze and visualize data that was not previously available in real time.

Using IoTA’s object identification and tracking capabilities, the service will be able to generate insights that can help organizations to reduce theft, save money, improve daily operations and enhance the safety of operations, claims AGT.

AGT’s StreetSmart service is intended to help patrolling police officers remain connected and better informed through the use of wearable sensors – giving them the latest intelligence about what is happening on the streets.

The service will be able to “fuse” data from multiple sensors and then ensure that information about abnormal events is share between officers on patrol in a city.

AGT says it will help patrol officers to be more efficient and maximize their time for visible policing.

“We have spent years at AGT helping cities to operate more efficiently and safely, water infrastructure to be better managed, traffic to flow smoother, energy facilities and oil and gas sites to be better protected and connected, to cite just a portion of our successful track record,” said Mati Kochavi, AGT’s chief executive. “With the creation of IoTA, we’re leveraging our significant analytics expertise and IoT deployment experience to address a whole new set of challenges across many different industries.”

“The IoT will create huge amounts of new data that is drastically different to the data used today,” he added. “To make sense of it and unlock the potential of the IoT, we’ll need analytics that are unique to IoT data.”
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