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Redline to provide M2M expertise to "super-major" oil company

Iain Morris
October 21, 2014

Redline Communications has won a contract to provide a “super-major” oil company with wireless and M2M technology that will monitor hundreds of wells operating at one of the customer’s oilfields.

The communications player’s systems will allow data to be collected in “real-time” from the wells and then delivered to a central location for analysis.

Redline (Markham, Canada) has not disclosed the identity of the customer but says it is one of the five largest publicly owned global oil and gas companies and will become the second super-major oil company to use its technology in so-called “digital oilfield operations”.

The system will include a high-speed wireless network to support the automation features.

Once data has been gathered and transferred to a central location, the oil company will be able to make improvements to operations based on insight about well performance.

The remote-management technology will also let the customer make adjustments to well operations without having to send technicians to the location.

Redline claims to have been chosen after the oil company carried out “rigorous in-field tests” to ensure it could deliver the power, versatility and reliability needed for a mission-critical field network.

It will replace an existing third-party WiMax-based system and is due to be fully installed by the end of the year.

The oil client is also said to be conducting various pilot projects with Redline equipment at other oilfields it owns, which could lead to more widespread rollout of Redline technology in future.

“The energy producers market is a small community, whose members are increasingly using Redline’s purpose-built wireless networks to power their digital oilfields,” said Louis Lambert, vice president of oil and gas sales for Redline. “We enjoy proving our solution in the customer’s actual environment, and we’re pleased to deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations and those of other major and super-major oil companies.”

Redline claims that its network systems provide lower latency than competing wireless systems and will operate more like fiber optic networks – which remain too costly and impractical for most oil and gas operations.

Such versatility means the Redline equipment can be used for a range of applications in the oilfield, says the company.
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