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Philip Morris patents connected e-cigarette

Iain Morris
October 15, 2014
Cigarette maker Philip Morris has reportedly patented an e-cigarette device that will track a smoker’s every inhalation and connect to the internet.

According to a report from the UK’s Independent newspaper, the technology would allow cigarette makers to charge smokers on a “pay as you puff” basis, purchasing “puffing time” in daily, weekly or monthly slots.

However, it could also be used to help monitor a smoker’s habit and be used in clinical trials about the addictiveness of smoking.

The report suggests it might be used to support smokers who are trying to cut back on their smoking or give up entirely.

Philip Morris (New York City, NY, USA), however, seems primarily interested in the commercial opportunity to sell online credits that allow smokers to pay for their habit in a completely different way.

The company’s patent submission is said to have mentioned a mobile app that could be used to monitor when a user is about to run out of nicotine and then place an order for additional supplies.

The organization has previously suggested the e-cigarette market could be a major growth opportunity, compensating for a decline in cigarette sales in various geographical markets.

The Independent reports that interest in connected cigarettes from Philip Morris has already provoked privacy concerns.

Industry watchers have noted that data about cigarette usage could be either “hacked” or “tracked”.

According to a report in The Atlantic that is cited by the Independent, public authorities could install monitors in public parks and determine whether someone is smoking an e-cigarette there illegally, imposing fines on the wrongdoers.

Philip Morris has apparently tried to argue that it would develop the connected e-cigarette as an “altruistic initiative”, according to the Independent, suggesting it could link users to an “approved support-group internet site for assistance with smoking cessation”.
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