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Lilee launches new telematics system for transport industry

Iain Morris
October 15, 2014

Lilee Systems has launched a new telematics system for the transportation industry, saying it will support mobile and fixed applications in hi-rail, locomotive and wayside environments.

The new offering comes with remote monitoring functionality, which will reduce the need for manual maintenance, says Lilee (San Jose, CA, USA).

Branded the DTS-2000, the system is also designed to “sleep” when not in use so that power consumption is reduced.

Built-in sensor tracking will turn the server on or off as needed, which could be of particular value in remote locations where communications can be limited and full power is not required.

The system supports roaming between Wi-Fi and cellular links and allows customers to choose between telecoms service providers to support individual needs.

Customers can remotely monitor, control and perform diagnostics on the DTS when necessary without having to use a maintenance or repair crew, which can be expensive.

The “ruggedized” design also means the hardware can withstand demanding environmental conditions for a longer period, further helping customers to reduce costs.

“With the release of the DTS-2000, Lilee Systems is executing its software-driven approach to network communications, building on a robust platform that is feature-rich and specifically designed to meet the requirements of the transportation industry,” said Kevin Nichter, vice president of rail products and services for Lilee Systems.

“Redundant communications, lower power consumption, and reduced costs are among the most critical issues, and we will continue to innovate our products with these requirements at the forefront,” he added.
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