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Back-end software integration a challenge for fleet managers: ABI

Iain Morris
October 15, 2014

Back-end software integration continues to bedevil fleet managers using M2M technology to track assets, according to a new study from ABI Research.

The idea behind back-end software is to provide multiple users with access to the same data, says the market-research company, but integration issues are still causing challenges for fleet managers.

In its most basic form, software should allow a client to talk to a server across the network to request some type of remote service.

Benefits of this software for fleet managers typically include improved asset utilization, greater efficiency, increased up-time, reduced operational costs and full system integration into existing organizational structures.

Despite this, fleet managers have raised concerns about integration problems as well as poor communications between systems.

End-to-end security, lack of front-end services support, server failure, software failure, content failure, heavy traffic load and unavailability of networks have all also been cited as concerns.

As a result, the use of back-end software among fleet managers remains relatively limited and is typically restricted to larger size fleets, says ABI Research.

“Legacy systems are a major concern for fleets and can present a challenge for system integrators,” said Filomena Berardi, a senior analyst with ABI Research. “Players such as Chevin, RTA, FleetCheck, Jaama, Roadnet, Civica’s Tranman, Orion, FleetLynx and others can provide solutions that integrate into existing architectures more seamlessly.”

“However, smaller fleets need to be reassured that they will get their ROI,” added Berardi.
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