Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

French start-up gets on its bike at CES

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2015

One of the most unusual launches at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was the connected pedal. Yes, you heard that right – a connected pedal, as in a pedal on a bicycle.

From the rather appropriately named French company Connected Cycle, the pedal replaces a bike’s existing pedals and can only be removed with a special key. It will record every journey, including speed, route, incline and calories burnt. This information is sent to the cloud and can be accessed through an app on a smartphone.

As well as health uses, it also has a security application in that it will notify the user if the bike is moved and it has a tracker that lets the owner find the bike.

No batteries are needed as the pedal generates its own energy and it has its own worldwide internet connection.

Installation is said to take less than two minutes and requires no mechanical skills. The robust pedal has an aluminium casing.

Pedals are sold in sets of two, one with the connection technology and a matching ordinary pedal for the other side.

For fleets of bicycles, the company also has fleet management software that can be integrated into an existing IT system.

Connected Cycle is a start-up company founded in Paris in 2013. Its fleet management software was launched last year using miniaturised GPS modules. The connected pedal is due to be available later this year.

• Another French startup – Emiota – was showing a connected belt. Called Belty, it continuously monitors the size of the user’s waist and adjusts itself accordingly. So no need to loosen it a notch after a big meal.