Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Illinois starts water meter trial over ComEd smart grid

Steve Rogerson
April 4, 2016
Illinois American Water is to test a system that transmits water meter data through ComEd’s smart grid network. This proof-of-concept collaboration aims to leverage an existing digital smart grid network to help it better manage water data, unlocking potential new value for customers.
Currently, ComEd is testing the use of smart water meters on its network in Illinois Tech’s Center for Smart Grid Application, Research & Technology (CSmart), including testing of meter connectivity and meter reads. Now the concept will move from the lab setting into field testing. The collaboration could include up to 500 smart water meters and will enable key learning for both utilities.
“The partnership with Illinois American Water is another great example of how ComEd is leveraging our smart grid investments to bring value to customers,” said Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO at ComEd. “Illinois is developing a powerful innovation ecosystem, and we thank chairman Brien Sheahan and the Illinois Commerce Commission for their thought leadership on the kinds of smart city project we are announcing today.”
Sheahan added: “To develop innovative energy policy, regulators must be forward-thinking and aware of the critical issues facing cities, and utilities must address such issues head on by delivering programmes that seek to increase customer value through advancements in smart grid technology. I commend Illinois American Water and ComEd for their collaboration on an initiative that will potentially optimise operational efficiency in the long term and create progress towards the delivery of additional benefits to customers and communities alike.”
The partnership being forged with Illinois American Water is one of many collaborative innovations underway at ComEd. In February, ComEd announced its vision for a Community of the Future, in the Bronzeville neighbourhood of Chicago – a community in which the smart grid is fully leveraged to enhance the everyday lives of customers. In the years to come, ComEd and the Bronzeville community plan to work together to create a smart community, bringing to bear a host of technologies and services designed to provide residents and businesses new ways to save money, reduce their environmental footprint and achieve improvements in the community.
“We see the Community of the Future as the next generation of our smart grid work,” said Pramaggiore. “With our many partners, we are building on the foundation set by the Smart Grid Law to develop innovative products for our customers.”