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CIMC and Globe Tracker partnership rolls out smart containers on China's Silk Road

Steve Rogerson
August 12, 2015
CIMC (China International Marine Container) and Danish company Globe Tracker are rolling out smart containers, smart logistics and smart terminal products for China's Silk Road.
After announcing their partnership late last year, CIMC and Globe Tracker are now producing smart containers for CIMC customers. CIMC's Yangzhou Tonglee Special Container, Qingdao CIMC Special Reefer and Nantong CIMC Transportation & Storage are the first divisions within CIMC to be selling the smart products.
"The goal is to have all CIMC divisions supplying the container shipping, trucking, railway and logistics industries with global tracking, monitoring and remote asset management services and equipment," said CIMC’s Shouqin Zhou. “Our immediate target is China's One Belt One Road initiative.”
These smart products will be on all types of containers, including trucks, truck trailers and railway cars, as well as inland and marine wireless terminal infrastructure and other products that will benefit from global tracking, monitoring and remote asset management services.
In this collaboration with Globe Tracker, CIMC will introduce international hardware technology and system platform services to the market under the CIMC brand. The partnership between CIMC and Globe Tracker should enhance the global capacity of CIMC in asset management services.
"We are pleased to take the next big step in the relationship between our companies," said Jim Davis, CEO of Globe Tracker. “We will begin to ramp up our volumes to meet CIMC's demand and the proliferation of the technology on the Silk Road.”
A privately held Danish company, Globe Tracker opened a development centre in Beijing in February 2007, and now has offices and development centres in: Qingdao, China; Copenhagen, Denmark; Reykjavik, Iceland; Tórshavn, Faroe Islands; and Melbourne, Florida in the USA. It provides data sharing, data analytics and global asset tracking and monitoring services and equipment.
The company offers the Globe Tracker Communications Unit tracking device and two network offerings – Smart Autonomous Asset Network and Trade Data Exchange Network. These deliver end-to-end supply chain asset tracking and monitoring, enabling businesses to share trade data securely and selectively.