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Coala launches heart and lung diagnostics telemedicine tool

Steve Rogerson
June 16, 2020

Coala Life, a Swedish innovator in remote cardiac and respiratory monitoring, has launched a smartphone-powered virtual cardiac and respiratory diagnostics product with real-time, p-wave based detection of nine common arrhythmias.
The Coala is also powered by algorithms that enable physicians to detect murmurs remotely and auscultate heart and lungs during a patient's daily life.
The configurable product has home-based enrolment capabilities and provides patch-free, multi-lead and high-resolution ECG analysis as well as real-time data transmission of heart and lung sounds. It also offers integrated round-the-clock monitoring services to support specific reimbursement requirements, provided in partnership with the St Louis Heart & Vascular (SLHV) clinics in the USA.
"The transition to telemedicine and virtual diagnostics is here to stay," said Gil Vardi, cardiologist and partner with SLHV. “The Coala is a powerful tool for real-time diagnostics, and ideal for patients with suspected or confirmed cardiac disease, as well as monitoring pulmonary issues such as COPD.”
The Covid-19 pandemic has quickly transformed cardiovascular medicine with a shift from traditional hands-on care to remote hands-off telemedicine to keep patients and their medical staff safe. Coala's Microsoft Azure-based platform enables physicians to access data remotely to optimise the management of patients.
The monitor is used for virtual cardiac diagnostics, longer term chronic care programmes, rural health programmes and post-procedural monitoring. The common denominator is enabling virtual diagnostics and empowering the patient. The Coala has proven itself in clinical studies to help reduce palpitation symptoms and increase quality of life.
Coala Life's clinical partner SLHV is a full-service cardiology and vascular practice with six practice locations in St Louis, St Charles and Bridgeton, Missouri, as well as in Granite City, Illinois.