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ClipperData service warns of supply chain disruptions

Steve Rogerson
November 8, 2017
Real-time crude oil and petroleum product cargo tracking company ClipperData and Eqlim, a specialist in real-time, open source intelligence and event detection, are seeing strong demand for their contextual supply chain disruption alert service called Impact Alerts.
Impact Alerts goes beyond rapid reporting to concise, quantitatively-based interpretation. Each event detected – fighting in Iraq, refinery accidents in Argentina, oil spills in China – is instantaneously bound to supply chain networks; and associated numerical data about capacities and flows up to the previous day are combined into a single alert sent to market participants.
"Our clients expect us to move beyond looking backwards at what has just happened to looking forward to what may happen next," said Abudi Zein, chief executive officer of New York-based ClipperData. “The partnership with Eqlim allows us to do just that.”
The service is already being used by investment banks and commodity traders to detect medium and short-term impacts on flows. Trading desks are immediately made aware of effects on supply and demand. Chartering desks are notified of acts of piracy, port closures, strikes and other events that can cause expensive delays in loading and discharge. Equity and debt investors can track, and quantify, the impact that events will have on the companies they follow.
"Our relationship with ClipperData fills a gap that we have long identified in the market: connecting open-source signals with physical distribution infrastructure and trade flows,” said Hassan Alassaad, chief executive officer of Beirut-based Eqlim.
Lee Andrews, ClipperData's chief operating officer, added: "Since the Impact Alerts have been launched mostly in reaction to client demand and guidance, I am not surprised the uptake in the market has been rapid and spread across many company types."