Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Cisco increases security for IoT

Steve Rogerson
January 30, 2020

At this week’s Cisco Live in Barcelona, the tech giant launched a comprehensive security architecture for the IoT that converges IT with OT to provide anomaly detection.
Networks have become the foundational backbone for the operational technology (OT) that underpins critical infrastructure including energy, transportation and manufacturing. Organisations increasingly require real-time access into the data these systems hold to improve production, manage costs and enhance safety metrics.
Cisco has thus introduced an IoT security architecture that provides enhanced visibility across both IT and OT environments, and protects processes. This enable the collection and extraction of data from the IoT edge so organisations can increase efficiencies to make better business decisions and accelerate digitisation projects.
The volume of cyber security threats within critical infrastructure environments is rising and continues to pose significant human safety and financial risk.
“Changes in devices and connections need to be detected rapidly, assessed for vulnerabilities, and addressed before the organisation’s security erodes,” said Aec Advisory Group vice president Sid Snitkin.
Cisco is delivering security by converging the IT and OT within security operations centres to provide anomaly detection with built-in threat intelligence.
“Organisations need complete visibility into the most disparate of network environments in order to secure their industrial edge, lower the risk of cyber threats and optimise industrial processes,” said Liz Centoni, senior vice president at Cisco.
The IoT security architecture includes Cisco Cyber Vision, security software for automated discovery of industrial assets delivered via Cisco’s industrial IoT networking portfolio. Cyber Vision analyses traffic from connected assets, creates segmentation policies in Cisco ISE and DNA Center to prevent lateral movement of threats across the operational environments, and is powered by Cisco Talos’ threat intelligence, providing real-time monitoring of cyber security threats to industrial assets and processes that affect uptime, productivity and safety.
Integrated with Cisco’s industrial networking, Cisco Edge Intelligence simplifies the extraction of data at the network edge. It streamlines the data delivery to multi-cloud and on-premises destinations to improve the competitiveness of an organisation and helping businesses better manage data throughout critical aspects of their life cycle from start to finish.
Cisco says it has removed the complexity of a multi-vendor, multi-data and multi-asset infrastructure to deliver simple IoT cyber security that can be managed on any of Cisco’s gateways, switches or routers, bringing together end-to-end security and simplified data management.