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Chronicled platform logs temperature data for cold chain

Steve Rogerson
May 24, 2017
Chronicled has launched a secure, smartphone-enabled platform that keeps a continuous, secure log of temperature data for heat and cold sensitive items including crucial pharmaceutical and biologics products.
The platform is integrated with disposable uTrust Sense temperature sensors developed in tandem with California-based Chronicled's hardware and form factor partners.
To date, temperature logging products have varied between unreliable, colour-changing stickers and large, expensive electronic reading devices. Chronicled's platform uses credit-card sized, disposable temperature loggers that are adhesive and flexible and can be read by a smartphone.
The devices are configurable with a calibration accuracy certificate of 0.3 to 0.5?C and with Nist and CFR21 R11 compliance letters in progress. The compact size and flexibility of the temperature logger allows it to follow an item through multiple stages of a supply chain, and smartphone compatibility eliminates extra costs associated with purpose-built readers and USB plugins required for larger temperature tracking devices.
The devices are supported by the Chronicled App. The data associated with the temperature loggers are password protected, and administrators can grant different levels of permission to read and write data to different users within their organisations. The platform also offers flexible data modelling to create templates for different classes of shipments, and supports text alerts so managers can receive and respond to temperature fluctuations in real time.
Users also have the option of attesting the data associated with the temperature loggers to a blockchain to ensure the immutability of their records.
Temperature regulation is an essential requirement in a number of major product segments, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture and manufacturing. The negative effects of failure to control temperature can range from large economic losses in the case of wine or food suppliers to illness and death when involving pharmaceutical products or vaccines. The temperature loggers developed by Chronicled and its partners help mitigate these problems by tracking an item through all points in the supply chain; by immediately alerting supervisors to any deviation from the required temperature range; and by eliminating any reliance on the trust of an individual or central database through a secure decentralised data record.
"We are very excited to offer the temperature logger at both a higher level of security and lower price point than has been available in the past," said Chronicled CEO Ryan Orr. "This product should go a long way towards securing our customers' products, and providing the pharmacist, doctor and end consumer with peace of mind."
Chronicled is building an end-to-end secure supply chain platform with the goal of supporting various types of IoT hardware, identities and data. The platform can be integrated with various types of data loggers and has use cases in cold chain management, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biologics, fish, caviar, blood, vaccines and other temperature sensitive products. The temperature logger is part of a growing suite of supply chain products supported by this platform, including secure CryptoSeals for sealing containers or documents, supply chain event logging adapters for regulatory compliance, and other forms of IoT-enabled data loggers on the roadmap.
Based in San Francisco, Chronicled is a technology company leveraging blockchain and IoT to power smart, secure supply chain products. It secures IoT device identities, data and event logs and automates IoT-dependent business logic through smart contracts.