Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

China Mobile prepares for connected cars

Steve Rogerson
December 23, 2014
China Mobile is working with two electric car manufacturers to prepare itself for the era of the connected car, according to Wei Chen, the mobile operator’s chief scientist, speaking at December’s meeting of the International M2M Council in London.
“We will be looking at vehicle connections and driver behaviour,” he said. “And we are also talking about active safety for collision warning and telematics services.”
He said that LTE was being considered for the vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.
“We are also looking at high-precision positional services using the base stations of China Mobile,” he said.
On the future, he said that 5G would happen regardless of the internet of things (IoT) because of the need for better mobile internet.
“So we will be looking to take advantage of that when 5G is here,” he said. “Today, most of the apps we support are 2G. Our own people don’t agree among themselves when 5G will be here but hopefully it will fit very nicely into the IoT scenario.”
He said China Mobile would have 7000 4G base stations by the end of 2014 covering all the biggest cities and towns, but said that its 2G network was “the biggest in the world” and that network would continue going forward.
At the end of 2013, China Mobile had 30 million M2M users, he said, and that it worked with a chip maker to integrate GSM and SIM capabilities on one chipset for IoT applications.