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WiSig licenses Ceva IP for NB-IoT deployment in India

Steve Rogerson
September 11, 2019

WiSig Networks has licensed Ceva's cellular IoT technology to serve the Indian market. The California company’s Dragonfly NB2 IP is accelerating WiSig's NB-IoT SoC development in a project driven by an Indian mobile network operator to enable cellular IoT use cases.
WiSig Networks is an incubated company from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad and a developer of products for 5G wireless technology. It has licensed the Dragonfly NB2 IP for the rapid development of a 3GPP Release 14 compliant eNB-IoT system-on-chip (SoC). The SoC will be deployed in systems and products of an Indian mobile network operator to enable a range of services such as asset tracking, home, building and industrial automation, smart grid, agriculture, and remote monitoring and control.
With nationwide NB-IoT coverage expected in India starting in 2020, more than two billion IoT devices are forecast to be connected to India's cellular networks within the next few years.
"The Ceva Dragonfly NB2 IP provides us with a proven and comprehensive solution for our eNB-IoT SoC development, allowing us to fast-track our design and reduce the enormous complexities associated with developing cellular technology,” said Kiran Kuchi, founding director of WiSig Networks. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Ceva for other cellular IoT and 5G projects targeting the flourishing Indian mobile ecosystem."
The Dragonfly NB2 IP is modular technology, composed of the Ceva-X1 IoT processor, an optimised RF transceiver, baseband and a protocol stack to offer a complete Release 14 Cat-NB2 modem IP that reduces time-to-market and lowers entry barriers. It is fully software configurable and can be extended with multi-constellation GNSS and sensor fusion functionality.
The IP includes reference silicon of the complete modem design, including an optional embedded CMOS RF transceiver and PA, a digital front-end, physical layer firmware, and a protocol stack for Mac, RLC, PDCP, RRC and NAS.
"We're pleased to see innovative companies like WiSig Networks thrive as we transition into the 5G era,” said Ange Aznar, vice president at Ceva. ‘With a strong engineering team and our Ceva Dragonfly NB2 IP, WiSig is primed to fulfil an important role in the Indian semiconductor industry, delivering a home-grown cellular solution targeting its large mobile market of more than one billion subscribers."