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Catena to provide M2M service for cold chain transportation

Iain Morris

February 20, 2014

Businessman Alberto Marzan has launched a new company called Catena whose professed goal is to “solve logistical pain points throughout the $90 billion cold chain transportation industry”.

Marzan appears to be something of a newcomer to the M2M space, having previously worked as chief executive for organizations including the International Children’s Heart Foundation and Dominican Gold Coffee.
He is now to serve as chief executive and chair of Catena (Minneapolis, MN, USA).

The new company says it is responding to fragmentation in the cold chain transportation marketplace, which means transportation providers have difficulty fulfilling delivery requirements while suppliers cannot track shipments as efficiently as they would like while also complying with handling standards.

According to Catena, the various tracking and monitoring solutions currently used I the market “differ tremendously” from one another, exacerbating the problem.

It claims to have developed a “technology ecosystem” offering a solution to these problems by giving all players in the supply chain a unified view of cold chain-shipped goods from their point of origin to the final destination.

The service is cloud-based and intended to provide customers with a “one-stop shop” for their needs.

Catena says this will allow customers to increase product quality by reducing spoilage and loss, reduce insurance costs, increase customer satisfaction and generate an archive of monitoring data.

“Before Catena, the industry lacked a single point of access for the multiple transportation companies involved in cold chain management and logistics across the supply chain,” said Marzan. “We have some incredibly talented advisors and staff, and we’re building an enterprise-wide, top-down business analytics approach to solve this logistics problem.”

“With the cold chain transportation market poised to more than double by 2017, we’re in a tremendous position to capitalize on this sizable opportunity – and bring revolutionary change and new value to the industry – with our unparalleled technology,” he added.