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CareOs unveils at CES smart mirror that checks wellness

Steve Rogerson
January 8, 2019

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, French company CareOs, part of the Baracoda Group, is introducing a smart mirror that helps people monitor their health and wellness.
The Artémis smart mirror integrated with the patent-pending CareOS platform connects health, beauty and wellness for a holistic view of each user. This is to expand the connected bathroom to the hotel, salon or assisted home of the future.
Artémis has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Nominee. Demos of Artémis can be seen on the Baracoda Group stand in Sands Halls A-D 43131. Artémis can also be seen on the Legrand stand 41142.
“Last year we launched the first health, beauty and wellness platform for the connected bathroom at CES,” said Chloe Szulzinger, co-founder of CareOs. “Our goal was to help consumers make healthier decisions and leverage advanced technologies in the bathroom without compromising privacy. This year, we are introducing the most advanced smart mirror on the market that allows consumers to manage their own health and wellness in completely new ways with an ecosystem of devices they can leverage.”
More than 50 IoT devices, products and services are integrated into the CareOs platform including brands such as Coty’s Wella Professionals, Group SEB, Legrand and Roca, and IoT companies such as Snips and Terraillon. Features include:

  • Magnifier: Users can easily zoom in to get a close up view of their image.
  • Visual acuity test: A simple test allowing users to keep track of any changes in their vision that may need a visit to the doctor.
  • AR virtual try-on: Artemis identifies lipstick or eyeliner and gives an interactive virtual display.
  • AR tutorials: More than just a lesson, AR tutorials coach users in real time to help them achieve their new hairstyle or makeup.
  • Fitness coaching: Simple stretching and yoga tutorials get the day started right.
  • Teleconferencing: Users can dial their nutritionist or doctor, for a consultation, schedule an appointment or follow-up.
  • Air quality tracker: Before leaving home, users can check the air quality outside and how it might impact their health and fitness.
  • 360˚ video capture: 4D visualisation captured from all sides and over time lets users see their progress from every angle, through time.
  • Set in and check out: For hotels, users can find their favourite settings registered when they arrive and easily check out of their room, and even get rewards if they save water.
  • Facial and object recognition: It recognises the user and the products the user has purchased and connects them with tutorials and AR.
  • Voice command: Use voice to control the mirror, lights, shower settings and other connected devices in the bathroom.
  • Mobile application: Allows users to share information, pictures and data from the CareOs platform.
Also at CES, CareOs and Coty will unveil the Wella Professionals AR enabled smart mirror, which is powered by Artémis for a salon hair colour experience.
“At CareOs, like all the Baracoda Group companies, we believe that anything is possible when technology and innovation come together with people and practice in order to make simple, health, beauty and wellness changes in our lives,” said Szulzinger. “Our mission is to leverage the best technology has to offer to help people meet their personal health and wellness goals, experiment with new products and create healthy habits for themselves and their families. The CareOs platform combined with the new Artémis smart mirror are just the first steps in this mission.”
The CareOs platform along with the Artémis smart mirror will be available the second half of 2019 and will list at $20,000.
Founded in 2017 CareOs delivers a health and beauty platform designed for all areas of wellness. Along with the new Artémis smart mirror, CareOs combines AI, AR, 4D, voice command, facial and object recognition into an immersive, personalised experience. From the connected shower to the scale to the toothbrush, more than 50 IoT devices and products are integrated into the platform.