Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Callup to present IoT self care portal at MWC

Steve Rogerson
January 24, 2019
At next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Israeli telecoms company Callup will present an IoT self care portal for customers of mobile operators. The portal, which is a self-provisioning tool, lets users manage their own usage and profile through the portal.
For example, companies that operate various IoT devices can remotely manage the SIM cards of the devices. The portal also allows SIM cards to be managed on regular phones. Now, an employer who provides employees with mobile phones can manage the SIM cards installed on their phones.
The subscriber can perform a number of actions, such as activation and deactivation of the SIM card, partial closing and opening of various functions on the mobile phone or the IoT device, and more.
The portal has a rich graphical user interface, allowing IT managers and SIM card owners to generate intelligent graphical reports. Future releases will include data analytics and big data capabilities.
"The IoT self care portal is another development of our remote management systems for SIM cards – SIM OTA and MDM+,” said Alon Roth, Callup’s CEO. “The remote SIM card management in our systems was carried out by the cellular operator, but as the system gained popularity and an increasing number of operators around the world acquired them, there was a demand among subscribers to allow them to manage SIM cards on their employees' phones or on their IoT devices.”
Callup SIM OTA lets cellular operators manage files and applets on subscribers’ SIM cards. This enables remote life cycle management of the card from its activation by a new user, through upgrades and updates, until the card is cancelled.
The MDM+ platform is an automatic device detection and configuration system that identifies mobile devices entering the network. Once detected, and based on a preconfigured rules engine, it can configure various services on the device. SIM OTA and MDM+ have been installed by major cellular operators in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Israel.
Founded in 1999, Callup provides value added services and mobile device management. It is a subsidiary of the One1 Group, headquartered in Israel and listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.