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CalAmp telematics suite allows diverse asset management

Steve Rogerson
September 12, 2017
CalAmp has released a telematics suite that lets companies manage a diverse set of assets, including vehicles, equipment and packages anywhere and at any time with one common application. It is being demonstrated at this week’s Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco.
The suite enables transportation, construction, government, energy and other companies to obtain real-time business-critical intelligence for insight into their operations to increase efficiency with reduced cost and downtime.
Traditional software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings provide individual applications that only address one aspect of a business at a time. This suite integrates SC iOn Command Portal, AssetOutlook, FleetOutlook, GovOutlook, iOn Hours, CrashBoxx and DeviceOutlook as modules into a single application viewable from any connected PC or personal electronic device. The various modules can easily be activated to let users create customised views based on their specific business models and engagements.
Operations managers can make a single technology investment to gain a panoramic view of their connected ecosystem such as vehicles and mobile workers to package visibility and environmental condition monitoring. Built on the California company’s telematics cloud, the suite also enables seamless integration with partner platforms and services, making it flexible and suitable for an array of engagement models.
"The CalAmp telematics suite's unique blend of insights and intelligence from diverse data points allows businesses to fill the problematic information gaps in their telematics data," said Paul Washicko, senior vice president at CalAmp. "When applied to asset management, a company can now pair a package to a driver, and a driver to a vehicle to monitor for compliance and gain a complete view of their operations from one application platform. For example, a construction company could capture all the data from a past project including the pieces of equipment, number of workers and how long they were operating. The CalAmp telematics suite allows customers to save money and time by refining their business practices to avoid downtime or cost overruns."