Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sensitive cargo IoT tracking for global airline

William Payne
February 28, 2018

CalAmp and CargoSense have partnered to develop a new solution to monitor sensitive and high value air cargo for one of the world's largest global airlines headquartered in the United States.

The solution will provide the global airline's customers with real-time data and analytics through reports on valuable shipments such as pharmaceuticals, wine, electronics, live freight and perishables that require specific environmental monitoring during transport.

California based CalAmp is a telematics tech specialist, while Virginia based CargoSense manages a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform providing logistics oversight for supply chain networks.

The CargoSense platform will ingest pre-, post- and in-flight data collected from CalAmp's SC1000 and SC1100 telematics gateways and iOn Tag smart sensor tags that monitor location, temperature, humidity, shock, light and vibration.

CargoSense analyses the aggregated data from the sensor devices via an API feed from the CalAmp platform to detect critical environmental conditions and movement patterns from one flight segment to the next. This provides the global airline with granular information and greater insight into shipment processes and assists in meeting mandatory reporting requirements on high-value cargo.

"In supply chain logistics, the game changer is the ability to monitor the health and status of air cargo using IoT solutions so the global airline can provide value-added services and visibility to its business customers and passengers," said Paul Washicko, senior vice president and general manager of CalAmp's Software and Subscription Services business. "We are pioneering an effective and efficient way of maintaining control and monitoring the condition of high-value cargo with detailed real-time environmental data to optimise safe transport from departure to arrival."

"Being able to provide peace of mind and ensuring trust is imperative for airline customers shipping valuable goods," said CargoSense's CEO, Richard Kilmer. "Through our partnership with CalAmp, the global airline will gain real-time insights into the exact status of all its cargo through our comprehensive logistics solution that is unparalleled in transport monitoring today."