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Bydgoszcz installs smart lighting system on 400 streets

Steve Rogerson
August 18, 2015
By the end of August, the city of Bydgoszcz in Poland will have finished installing a smart lighting system covering 7200 streetlights spread out over 400streets using a multivendor networked lighting control system.
The project is a joint effort between local Polish company Apanet Green Systems and California-based Echelon, an independent control networking company for the industrial IoT. Apanet specialises in power consumption reduction systems,.
The eco-friendly retrofit is using Apanet’s smart lighting controllers powered by Echelon communications and the Lumewave smart server to improve safety, reduce maintenance and cut energy costs as well as improving asset utilisation. Energa OÅ›wietlenie, also based in Poland, is managing the system installation, which is due to be completed by the end of August.
In addition to the city’s 40 per cent energy cost savings goal, Bydgoszcz expects its street lighting project will reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as meet the EU’s ISO/IEC 13201 road lighting performance standard.
“The Bydgoszcz lighting project is asignificant city improvement installation for Eastern Europe,” said Andrzej Lis, CEO of Apanet Green System. “It will vividly demonstrate how LED lighting, in conjunction with the right lighting control technology, can create more efficient, safe and eco-friendly street lighting at the citywide level.”
The smart lighting system will continually survey traffic and weather conditions and respond to any changes immediately. Lighting failures can be pinpointed and even anticipated by the system; therefore maintenance efficiency and responsiveness can be improved. The entire system incorporates the LonTalk open communications network standard developed by Echelon, which allows interoperability among different manufacturers’ products.
“Cities all over the world are feeling the pressure to save energy, money and maintenance time, all the while improving citizen safety,” said Ron Sege, CEO and chairman of Echelon. “As with other city projects utilising Echelon solutions around the world, we expect the Bydgoszcz project will demonstrate that networked lighting controls and LED retrofits together can meet all these objectives quickly, easily and cost-effectively.”
Lumewave enables control and monitoring of each individual light fixture to ensure optimal illumination at the right place and right time. It is a lighting control platform designed to provide industrial and commercial settings – such as roadways, cities and municipalities, office buildings, university and corporate campuses, parking areas, stadiums and so on – with end-to-end, flexible lighting control. The platform has options to connect virtually any fixture, any place, wired or wireless, around the world. In total, Echelon has nearly two million lights under control on more than 15,000 segments worldwide.
Apanet Green Systems was established in 2010 and specialises in design, automation and control systems. The company focuses on smart systems for power consumption reduction and electricity usage rationalisation.