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Bongmi launches smart ovulation tracker at CES

Steve Rogerson
January 22, 2019

Digital healthcare software and device company Bongmi launched a smart ovulation tracker for women and showed the latest version of its smart growth tracker for children at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The Ivy smart ovulation tracker comprises a device that measures hormones in urine to determine the time of optimum fertility in a woman’s menstrual cycle. It collects data from the analysis, which are saved to the accompanying app to present a historic and graphical record. This helps predict the most fertile time in a monthly cycle.
The device houses an LED light and contains a removable test strip. The test period starts from five to twelve days into the menstrual cycle, during which time the test strip is placed in urine to measure estrogen levels and LH concentration. The test paper is analysed using photoelectric recognition and the results uploaded to the mobile phone using Bluetooth.
The BonBaby smart growth tracker helps understand and manage the nutrition of growing children. It comprises scales with a flexible, extensible tape measure connected to a hand-held measurement device. The child stands on the scales and the measurement device is placed on top of the head, recording the child’s height and weight in one movement.
An LED on the device immediately displays the child’s height and synchronises with the mobile app to record and chart the information. This is compared with the child growth standards to indicate if weight and height are appropriate for the child’s age and gender. The app then provides tailored recommendations.
“From our inception as a company, we have been dedicated to helping kids, couples and families with young children to better manage their health and wellbeing using the power of just their cell phones,” said Xiaodu Lou, Bongmi CEO. “We can capture health data so accurately and compare it to world standards to be able to see immediately if we need to make corrections and adjustments in our lifestyle, our food or sexual activity to help us make better life decisions.”