Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Billion seeks partners to enter south-east Asia smart energy market

Steve Rogerson
July 14, 2015
Taiwanese company Billion Electric is looking for partners to enter the smart lighting and smart energy markets in south-east Asia. Billion is targeting this region to launch its BEsmart energy cloud to align with regional sustainability movements. South-east Asia is now the primary market focus in which the company wants to invest in long-term business co-operations.
Billion also aims to promote its LCMS intelligent street light control and management system and indoor and outdoor LED drivers by working with system integrators to join tendering projects.
Billion is looking to promote the BEsmart energy cloud to support the renewable energy movement. This integrates smart meters and internet gateways with a cloud-computing platform, bringing IoT to build a well-connected energy management system. It allows users to detect places for system efficiency improvement by grasping up-to-date insights into the electricity that supports their daily operations.
Combining metering devices with networking technologies, BEsmart can bring visibility to energy consumption and reduce utility costs by auditing every electrical activity.
The company also plans to introduce LCMS to help municipalities boost street light efficiencies and city's safety while concurrently reducing energy consumption. Through the remote monitoring of street light performances, municipalities can save time and maintenance by setting preferred dimming schedules and switching lighting on or off on a cloud-based server. From sunrise and sunset calculations, immediate street light outage alarms to IP camera integrations, Billion's LCMS not only can brighten the driving sightsee, but also reduce labour with the improved LED lights and security.
"LCSM has grown to a mature stage, and has been successfully deployed by numerous lighting pioneers in Taiwan, mainland China and Europe," said Martin Chang, product line manager at Billion Electric. "We are targeting south-east Asia as we see a thriving potential in renewable energy, smart streetlights and LED lighting. We already have moved towards that direction by working with partners in Malaysia and Thailand. Currently, we are looking for cooperation through the whole south-eastern Asia, especially in Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines."
Billion, established in 1973, began its initial business in the manufacturing, design and distribution of power supplies, LED drivers and lighting control products. Billion's brand was officially launched in 2004 and, since 2009, the company has added considerable resources to empower the base of R&D teams and build laboratories to develop smart grid and energy related products. Billion closed its fiscal year 2014 with revenue of US$38m and has more than 900 specialists.