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TempTraq temperature monitors donated to paediatric cancer unit in Uganda

Steve Rogerson
October 25, 2016

Blue Spark Technologies has donated TempTraq body temperature monitors to a paediatric cancer unit in Uganda.
When faced with a nursing shortage in the paediatric cancer unit at the Uganda Cancer Institute, Kevin Schwartz, paediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, turned to Ohio-based Blue Spark for help.
The wearable, Bluetooth temperature monitor continuously senses, records and transmits body temperature for 24 hours to a mobile device through its free downloadable app, providing quick access to real-time body temperature data.
In line with the TempTraq mission to provide families with peace of mind when their children are sick, Schwartz works with paediatric cancer patients in northern Uganda through The Child is Innocent, a non-profit organisation he co-founded that aims to improve health and education, and to provide leadership development for children.
The major issue Schwartz faced within the paediatric cancer department at the institute was a shortage of nursing staff. With only one nurse for every 20 to 40 patients, vital signs were only checked once or twice a day. However, in paediatric cancer patients who already have a suppressed immune system, it is critical that vital signs are tracked more frequently to catch dangerous fevers. Undetected fevers can be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly in these types of patients.
After being approached by Schwartz, TempTraq donated units to his cause, providing comfort for parents of sick children and a system for nurses to monitor patients proactively through their smartphones. They can be alerted in real time when fever spikes, giving them the power to address the fever more quickly and administer the appropriate antibiotics to help fight life-threatening infections.
Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Blue Spark Technologies develops thin, flexible, printed power products for printed electronic systems. Founded in 2002 to commercialise thin printed battery technology from Energizer, the company has evolved to include printed electronics development using its proprietary battery technology to create thin and flexible products.
TempTraq is powered by Blue Spark’s patented, printed flexible battery, and is said to be the only Bluetooth, wearable temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable patch that continuously, and comfortably, monitors body temperature for up to 24 hours and sends alerts to Apple or Android compatible mobile devices.