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Blume global platform for motor carrier settlements

William Payne
September 19, 2019

Digital supply chain and logistics specialist Blume Global has launched a single platform solution for global drayage motor carrier companies. Blume CarrierGo is a platform and accompanying mobile app that aims to improve operational efficiency and better fleet utilisation by directly connecting proof of delivery, invoicing and financial settlement processes.

CarrierGo aims to provide a solution for motor carriers to manage their end-to-end business operations, from accessing new business, managing orders and tendering loads, to handling rates and invoices. 

The platform is a transportation execution system that enables communication between motor carriers and their LSP, ocean carrier and shipper customers. It also improves visibility and transparency across global supply chains.

Paper-based, manual processes are still common among motor carriers around the world, who use them to accept or reject, execute and invoice bookings.

CarrierGo is available for free to all motor carriers globally, which also allows those carriers to access new business as a part of the Blume Global network. 

The platform gives customers the ability to provide more accurate visibility, improve collaboration, issue management and efficiency.

"Our goal is to better enable every aspect of the supply chain, and motor carriers are a critical component of that ecosystem. Blume CarrierGo™, with both the business application and driver application, can transform end-to-end operations and revolutionise the motor carrier business," said Pervinder Johar, CEO, Blume Global. "This solution is designed to specifically address motor carriers' greatest challenges, while helping them grow their business through the Blume network, which has been evolving for 25 years."