Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

BlackBerry looks to maximise fleet advertising

William Payne
January 5, 2017

Blackberry is partnering with fleet services graphics provider and branding specialist Modagrafics in a move that could generate extra revenue for fleet operators. Linking Blackberry's real time cargo monitoring system Radar with Modagrafics fleet branding services, fleet operators can turn their trucks into smart, connected advertising platforms that provide location based analytics.

Blackberry Radar is designed to allow shipping firms to monitor cargo in real-time, tracking everything from vehicle location and route data to trailer temperature, humidity, and contents. Radar dispatches event-driven alerts and regular, real-time updates, providing visibility into the status of the trailer for the dispatch centre.

According to Blackberry, trailers are "the new mobile billboards" with a 97% ad recall rate by consumers. Turning fleet trailers into advertising platforms can increase the value of each journey. Using Radar, Blackberry claims that trucks can even plan their journeys to maximise the advertising audience.

Radar provides a new type of ad measurement for trailer advertising campaigns. Branded trailer owners can see what highways their rolling billboards have been driving on, when they were there, and how much time they spent in areas dense with “consumer eyeballs.” They can then adjust routes and stops to get maximum reach for their ads, increasing their ability to reach targeted consumers.

“The fleet customers we serve around the country have been looking for an affordable way to make all their trailers ‘smarter’ and leverage their fleet assets more effectively,” said Paul Pirkle, President and CEO of Modagrafics. “BlackBerry Radar is a game-changing solution that is incredibly easy to install and deploy across a fleet’s trailer pool. We think this is a huge step forward for the out-of-home advertising market.”