Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Blackridge and I-On provide IoT security to Korean energy companies

Steve Rogerson
September 3, 2019
Seoul-based I-On Communications is using technology from Nevada cyber-security firm Blackridge Technology to help Korean energy companies improve IoT security.
The technology includes Blackridge's recently released TAC Identity Device.
"Blackridge's approach to zero-trust through network layer security is a solution the electricity market has been desperately looking for," said Jae Cheol Oh, chairman and CEO of I-On Communications.
I-On Communications was founded in 1999 and had the first of its six patents by 2003. The company has since evolved into a developer of enterprise-class unstructured data management and energy market software.
"Our partnership with I-On is a significant milestone for Blackridge's international expansion and in particular enhancing security in the industrial IoT market segment," said Bill Joll, head of worldwide sales at Blackridge Technology.
Blackridge’s adaptive cyber defence technology authenticates identity before allowing network connections to isolate cloud services proactively, protect servers and IoT devices, and segment networks. The patented technology authenticates user or device identity and enforces security policy on the first packet of a network session.
This real-time protection blocks or redirects unidentified and unauthorised traffic to stop port scanning, cyber attacks and unauthorised access.
"Operating at the network transport layer, Blackridge's products, including the TAC Identity Device, can be integrated into legacy, virtual and cloud environments to bridge gaps between brownfield OT infrastructure and latest-generation IT systems by authenticating identity at the edge node to enable greater trust, security and micro-segmentation of networks," said Rolf Lumpe, vice president at Blackrdge Technology.
I-On has sold to more than 1600 mid to large clients across numerous verticals in both the private and public sectors, primarily throughout South Korea, Japan and south-east Asia. The company has 11 products at market that enable clients to create, measure and optimise digital experiences for their audiences across marketing channels and devices. These encompass enterprise web content management, web experience and service delivery software, energy management systems, and digital marketing.
Blackridge was founded in 2010 to commercialise its military-grade and patented network security technologies.