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BlackBerry finds first customer for asset tracking system

Steve Rogerson
September 28, 2016
Canada’s Caravan Transport Group has become the first customer for BlackBerry Radar, the mobile phone company’s end-to-end asset tracking system.
Built on the its cloud-based IoT software platform, BlackBerry Radar is a smart-trailer software and hardware system that will let Canada’s cross-border transportation carrier receive information to help improve efficiency and overall use of its fleet.
Installed in minutes, the device includes an intelligent array of sensors that is said to collect and report readings more often than other self-powered system on the market. Real-time trailer and cargo status details include the location of trailers and cargo, the status of the trailer door being opened or closed, whether the trailers are empty or loaded, temperature, and humidity.
All data are communicated securely to the IoT cloud platform maintaining the privacy of the user’s data. Caravan’s fleet operation managers, load planners and dispatchers can securely access this information stored in the cloud from a notebook, desktop, tablet or smartphone equipped with a web browser for immediate analysis, decision-making and reporting, with the goal of making profitable decisions for the organisation and bringing added value to customers.
“Taking time, money and guesswork out of the supply chain is a top priority for leaders across the transportation and logistics industry,” said Derek Kuhn, senior vice president of IoT for BlackBerry. “The current method of obtaining information about a trailer or intermodal container no longer works in today’s connected world, because these data are typically not real time or updated frequently enough to make timely decisions.”
He said that BlackBerry leveraged its technology portfolio and expertise in security, mobility and enterprise software to innovate and develop BlackBerry Radar, which was designed to bring decision makers and operators near real-time information, analytics and reports to boost operational efficiencies.”
John Iwaniura, president of the Caravan group of companies, added: “Running a fleet of smart trailers has been a vision of ours for a while, but it wasn’t until we met with BlackBerry did we think it could come to fruition. We have been in the transportation industry for a long time and have yet to see anything as comprehensive, compact, easy to use and useful as BlackBerry Radar.”
Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Caravan Transport Group is privately owned, asset based carrier with headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, and terminals in Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.