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Biopac shirt measures vital signs

Steve Rogerson
May 17, 2016

A shirt from California-based Biopac Systems uses the latest material technology and incorporates fabric electrodes to record ECG from the heart and a sensor for respiration data.
The subject pulls the shirt on and attaches a BioNomadix transmitter to record ECG and respiration for heart rate variability, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, and ECG and respiration analysis. The smart electrodes and fabric sensor replace adhesive electrodes and respiration belts to improve subject comfort.
The BioShirt expands the company’s BioNomadix suite of products, which empowers researchers to measure physiology anytime, anywhere and on any subject.
"The BioNomadix BioShirt provides an easy-to-use solution for physiology monitoring," said Frazer Findlay, CEO of Biopac Systems. "When you pair the BioShirt with either our BioNomadix Logger or our wireless BioNomadix amplifiers and MP150 system and AcqKnowledge software, you have a complete physiology monitoring system that eliminates problems associated with wearing electrodes, is comfortable for the subject, and provides the researcher with great data."
The shirt lets researchers collect a wide range of synchronised signals, including activity, heart, muscle, brain, electrodermal, respiration, cardiac output, gastric, angle of movement, heel and toe strike, eye tracking, location through GPS, and participant feedback via an audio journal. Now researchers can monitor study participants around-the-clock without having to worry about subject comfort.
The wearables are suitable for in-lab and remote monitoring applications.
“Researchers require data that go beyond general fitness and activity, they want to record data such as brain activity, attention, eye gaze and emotion in a synchronised and structured format that allows them to work with a diverse population of participants as they live life,” said Findlay. “This is where the Biopac BioNomadix range of products excels. The BioShirt is a fantastic addition to the BioNomadix wearable family of products and confirms our commitment to providing world-class solutions that inspire and enable discovery about life."