Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Bell Mobility launches asset management tracking across Canada

Steve Rogerson
April 19, 2016
Canadian wireless provider Bell Mobility is offering beacons and asset management enhanced tracking to businesses across the country following a tie-up with Toronto-based BeWhere.
BeWhere provides real-time information on equipment, goods or tools in transit or at facilities at a level of operational visibility that was previously unavailable or cost prohibitive for customers in sectors such as emergency services, transportation, construction and utilities.
It will complement existing automated vehicle location (AVL) services available from Bell by leveraging smartphones, tablets, Wifi routers or telematics products to transmit data to a mobile application or an organisation's existing software over Bell's broadband wireless network.
"Bell Mobility is the leader in delivering mobile solutions to large organisations and we look forward to working together to bring our innovative asset tracking and management product to market," said Owen Moore, president and CEO of BeWhere. "BeWhere has been certified with industry leading telematics partners such as Geotab and Fleet Freedom to offer an optimal complementary experience on the Bell network in Canada."
With Bluetooth connectivity, a battery life of two to five years and connectivity up to 250m, BeWhere's beacons overcome the limitations of existing RFID alternatives at a claimed attractive price point, allowing customers to tag, track and manage movable assets in various of uses:

  • Tracking high value equipment or inventory in vehicles such as ambulances, service fleets, utility vehicles or armoured cars;
  • Connected logistics, tracking pallets, forklifts and goods in warehouses, onto trailers and through to final delivery;
  • Tracking equipment or people on job sites such as mining or construction; and
  • Automatically logging when dumpsters are serviced by waste management vehicles.
"Bell is pleased to add BeWhere to the portfolio of asset management IoT we offer to businesses and government organisations throughout Canada," said Nauby Jacob, vice president at Bell Mobility. "With BeWhere, customers improve efficiency through real-time tracking of a broad range of metrics – location, impact, temperature, light exposure and more – for goods, vehicles, tools and other equipment at all points in the supply chain."
As part of its channel strategy, BeWhere will partner with other globally recognised carriers to drive new business. The industrial IoT company designs and manufactures ruggedised Bluetooth Low Energy beacons with sensors and software applications to track real-time information on movable assets.