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BellHawk cloud tracks barcoded inventory

Steve Rogerson
January 31, 2017
BellHawk Systems has developed a low-cost, easy-to-use cloud-based barcode inventory and asset tracking service.
Called Bits, it tracks parts with tracking barcodes, within barcoded containers, in barcoded bins and on barcoded racks and shelves, at multiple geographic locations. These locations can include stock rooms and warehouses, yards and building sites, on factory floors, and in service vehicles.
It can capture and view inventory using a wide-variety of mobile computers equipped with barcode scanners, including PDAs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This makes it suitable for use by manufacturing, engineering, construction, repair and refurbishment organisations that need to track inventory and assets that can move from location to location in short periods of time.
Bits can also track materials by lot and serial number, as well as by expiration dates. It is FDA and Hippa compliant, and includes materials traceability data capture. This means it can be used by smaller food processing organisations as well as for use in medical and laboratory organisations that keep inventory in multiple locations.
"Bits is hosted at a secure data centre in the USA and each organisation gets their own private web site and database," said Peter Green, CTO of New England-based BellHawk Systems. "This makes it ideal for organisations who want to start small and at low cost and then subsequently upgrade to a full operations tracking and warehouse management system, integrated with their own ERP system."
Bits is priced at $200 per month for each organisation plus $20 per month per scanning device login, $30 per month per management or staff user login, and $10 per month for users who just want to run inventory reports and see the inventory status in real time.
It is available directly from BellHawk Systems as well as through a nationwide network of resellers who also resell barcode scanners and mobile computers, as well as shelf and rack location barcodes for stock rooms and warehouses.