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Belarus expands electronic road toll network; Kapsch wins contract

Steve Rogerson
September 1, 2015
Belarus plans to add 323km to its electronic toll system in the next ten months. The BelToll has been in commercial operation since August 2013 and has been gradually expanding from the original 815km.
Since its opening, more than 220,000 vehicles have been registered for the system being controlled by more than 90 automatic stations.
Austrian company Kapsch TrafficCom has been commissioned with the expansion of the toll road network. This expansion is in line with the long-term infrastructure development programme of the government in Belarus, and Kapsch acts as both developer and operator of the toll collection system in the region.
Many recently upgraded and reconstructed roads throughout the whole country will be affected by the extension, including parts of roads P99, P23 and P21 as well as parts of the highways M5 and M6. After completion of the planned extension, the whole length of the toll road network will exceed 1500km – almost twice the length of the road network in summer 2013.
“From day one we have set up a toll system in Belarus in accordance with international standards and using latest modern technologies,” said Michael Gschnitzer, vice president at Kapsch TrafficCom. “Taking into account the geographical location of the Republic of Belarus, transit toll collection is an important technical and administrative solution, which contributes to the infrastructure development of this country."
The system is based on short-range communications between vehicles and infrastructure and allows efficient toll collection in freely flowing traffic. Almost all vehicles are tolled by the Kapsch system besides passenger cars with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5tons, which are registered in countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.
The BelToll project with Kapsch is contracted for 20 years of operation.
Kapsch provides intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for road user charging, urban access and parking, road safety enforcement, commercial vehicle operations, electronic vehicle registration, traffic management and V2X cooperative systems.