Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

BehrTech and Orange Oranges bring IoT to ERP

Steve Rogerson
November 26, 2019
Canadian companies BehrTech and Orange Oranges have signed a partnership to focus on providing secure IoT connectivity for enterprise resource planning (ERP).
Combining BehrTech, an enabler of wireless connectivity for the industrial IoT, and Orange Oranges, a one-stop-shop for IoT and enterprise software integrations, aims to bring data transparency to ERP systems in manufacturing, energy and utilities, lumber, supply chain logistics, and transportation.
“While ERP is at the heart of most businesses, these systems are traditionally limited because they only look at the data being managed inside the four walls of a company,” said Albert Behr, CEO at BehrTech. “The rise of IoT and wireless connectivity makes the secure and reliable gathering of mission-critical data across an entire value chain possible, in real time, to improve business intelligence and provide new opportunities for operational efficiency and cost reduction.”
Orange Oranges demonstrated BehrTech’s Mythings wireless connectivity platform at last week’s ASQ Vancouver Conference. This annual event brings together industry experts and thought leaders to share ideas on how to improve operational processes in the era of Industry 4.0.
Orange Oranges demonstrated Mythings’ ability to integrate with ERP systems and provide secure, mobile and robust wireless connectivity for applications such as asset tracking, predictive maintenance and fleet optimisation.
“With Mythings, we can scale and integrate IoT into any ERP system and leverage data from new and existing sources,” said Atul Sali, co-founder of Orange Oranges. “Together we can help businesses use multi-layer technologies to improve every aspect of their operations from supply chain and logistics to human resource management.”
BehrTech offers a disruptive wireless connectivity software platform that is purpose-built for massive-scale industrial IoT networks. At the core of the platform is Mioty, a communications technology standardised by Etsi that provides reliable, robust and scalable connectivity. With its approach to interoperability, BehrTech makes it easier for end users to retrofit its Mythings platform in any environment and enables partners, system integrators and VARs to deliver integrated industrial IoT services that enable data-driven decisions to be made.
Orange Oranges Technologies started in January 2016 in Vancouver.