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Beautyrest harnesses AI to produce intelligent sleep monitor

Steve Rogerson
March 28, 2017

Simmons Bedding, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Silicon Valley-based Fullpower, has introduced the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor, a patented sleep monitoring system that pairs with any mattress or foundation, allowing individuals to turn their bed into a smart bed.
This non-invasive device is claimed to be the bedding industry's first stand-alone device to monitor a broad range of factors affecting high-quality sleep for two individuals simultaneously. The monitor is said to be 90 per cent accurate when measuring heart rate and breathing rate for the vast majority of the population, 90 per cent of the time.
"As one of the most trusted and recognisable bedding brands nationwide, we are proud to embrace the smart home movement with technology that provides a deeper understanding of how we sleep," said Jim Gallman, executive vice president of Atlanta-based Beautyrest. "The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor allows consumers to optimise their sleep habits and make improvements that can have dramatic implications for their overall quality of life."
The monitor provides consumers with an analysis of each user's sleep ecosystem – including current behaviour, comparisons with biometrical similar users and personalised tips to help them perform better every day. By analysing a variety of sleep variables, it also provides personalised recommendations and expert insights designed to improve daily performance.
While everyone has an individual definition of what performance means, the monitor enables users to get the optimal sleep necessary to accomplish whatever may come in the day ahead – whether that is a full day at the office, managing a complex family schedule or even running a marathon.
"The Sleeptracker artificial intelligence engine represents a dramatic improvement over other sleep monitoring devices, and is the result of significant resources invested in research and development," said Arthur Kinsolving, chief technology officer of Fullpower Technologies. "With the power of AI and machine learning, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor will continue to stretch its lead and deliver unprecedented deep insights into consumers' sleep patterns."
According to the Better Sleep Council, "a good night's sleep sets the optimal stage for not only physical, but also mental performance. If you are well rested, you will approach social, professional and physical challenges in the most advantageous state of mind and body."
The monitor will provide individuals with an understanding of what is keeping them up at night while also offering easy-to-implement ways to recognise long-term trends and become more personalised over time.
The device can monitor sleep patterns of two individual sleepers simultaneously due to the AI engine. While wearables must be worn on the body and charged regularly, the Sleeptracker monitor plugs directly into a wall outlet, is completely non-invasive and requires no changes to day-to-day bedding.
The patented system accurately measures both respiration and heart rate for deeper sleep analysis; wrist-worn wearables can't monitor the essential respiration vital signs and can be inaccurate for continuous heart rate monitoring.
It can be set to monitor sleep data automatically when users fall asleep unexpectedly.
The device pairs with the Sleeptracker iOS and Android smartphone app to provide users with a minute-by-minute snapshot of their journey through each sleep cycle – light sleep, deep sleep and REM. It features a sleep cycle alarm that detects a light stage of sleep so it can wake users at the ideal time in their sleep cycle.
An AI sleep coach monitors improvement over time and provides effective, easy-to-implement, personal sleep tips based on an analysis of individual sleep patterns and external factors that may impact sleep quality.
And it integrates with Amazon Echo – soon allowing control of other smart home elements from a single device, such as thermostats, lights, music, alarm systems and door locks.
Fullpower specialises in cloud-based IoT smart-home and wearable products powered by AI, machine-learning and data science. With more than 125 patents, its IP portfolio covers the AI-powered Sleeptracker and the MotionX IoT technology platforms.