Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Dojo By BullGuard delivers 5G and edge computing IoT security

Steve Rogerson
February 19, 2019
BullGuard has expanded its Dojo IoT security platform for communications service providers (CSPs) by adding Dip Edge, a software-based, IoT security gateway and 5G and multi-access edge computing compatible virtualised network function (VNF).
The highly distributed, CSP-grade IoT security gateway has a set of IoT-related threat detection and mitigation features. The Dojo intelligent IoT security platform lets CSPs offer seamless IoT security services across fixed and mobile broadband networks.
Dip Edge VNF can be deployed in any computing platform ranging from bare metal to a fully virtualised networks function visualisation platform, providing CSPs with flexible deployment options across their network infrastructure.
It is designed to serve fixed and mobile 4G and 5G IoT security use cases, and enables CSPs to offer their customers a seamless and continuous IoT security service regardless of the network to which they are connected.
BullGuard will show its 5G-enabled IoT security edge computing capabilities for CSPs at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the Israel Pavilion.
“The intersection of 5G and IoT presents huge business potential and service innovations for CSPs and consumers, but also introduces a new set of cyber-security threats to the existing threat landscape, one that requires an entirely new approach to securing the massive amount of vulnerable IoT devices,” said Yossi Atias, general manager at BullGuard. “As the world’s first company to deliver a network-based IoT security platform, designed for the modern mobile network architecture, we’re proud to offer CSPs and their customers an integrated IoT security service. Dip Edge provides an experience that is seamless and extremely consumer friendly. Consumers simply register on the service, and any device that utilises the home or mobile network is automatically secured.”
Built for CSP-scale, Dojo’s intelligent IoT security platform is architected from the ground up to deliver IoT security and parental control services. Dip is designed to detect and mitigate a wide range of IoT-related cyber threats and content filtering. It can be integrated into the CSP's existing network via open APIs.
The Dojo intelligent IoT platform’s container-based distributed architecture provides CSPs with the flexibility to provide network-based services running on any virtualisation platform. Dip makes it easier to load-balance, scale up and down, and move its functions across distributed hardware resources in an automated manner. Additionally, Dip enables continuous security and content filter updates, without interruption to the CSP’s customers.
The intelligent IoT security platform uses multi-layered technology that covers multiple IoT security and parental control use cases for fixed and mobile networks.
Cyber-security features include automatic device discovery, smart vulnerability scanner, smart managed firewall, smart managed IDPS, secure web proxy, machine learning, AI-based behavioural analysis and DDoS prevention.
Parental control features include user and device-based URL filtering, bedtime (internet time) control, and usage control for headless devices.