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Barcoding and Better Day partnership uses RFID to streamline EHRs

Steve Rogerson
October 20, 2015
Baltimore-based Barcoding has teamed up with New Orleans company Better Day Health to transform clinical documentation. Their application automates physician electronic health record (EHR) documentation and patient check-in, and tracks the flow of patients and staff using voice recognition, mobile devices and RFID location awareness technologies.
As a result, healthcare organisations and clinics should be able to cut costs and operate more profitably while improving the overall patient experience, as well as the patient-physician interaction in the exam room.
When patients check in at the front desk, they receive an RFID-enabled visitor badge that links to their EHR and other vital information. Physicians and staff also have RFID-enabled ID badges, so as soon as the provider enters the exam room, an RFID reader triggers hands-free authentication, login and data collection via the patient charting app on the provider’s mobile device.
During the patient visit, the app uses passive voice recognition technology to recommend potential diagnoses and to make it easy for the physician to choose a diagnosis, select the appropriate billing code and document the patient visit to complete required EHR record keeping. As a result, physicians are able to spend less time typing and taking notes and more time focusing completely on the patient and his or her needs.
“Doctors are the world’s most expensive clerical workers,” said Peter Ragusa, CEO and co-founder of Better Day Health. “Today, they are using valuable time to fill out electronic health records and compile medical histories. Barcoding has provided us with the technology needed to bring our vision to life by partnering with Better Day Health to create an intelligent, automated, hands-free experience in the exam room. In conjunction with Better Day, Barcoding will help doctors have more meaningful interactions with more patients, in less time, and without all of the burdensome data entry.”
Additionally, using Barcoding’s asset tracking software, RFID RealView, the app tracks the flow of patients and physicians through the clinic to determine wait times, staff availability and patient location. In turn, healthcare clinics can use this information to drive continuous improvements and enhance the patient experience.
“Although the technology behind Better Day Health’s RFID solution isn’t new, the way the company is using it is extremely innovative and unique,” said Shane Snyder, president of Barcoding. “This goes to show the importance of selecting and integrating the right pieces of technology in order to create a solution that can maximise an organisation’s efficiency, accuracy and connectivity.”
Barcoding is a systems integrator specialising in the development, deployment and management of enterprise-wide systems that drive efficiency, accuracy and connectivity. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with offices across the USA.