Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Volkswagen turns to AWS for IoT cloud services

Steve Rogerson
March 28, 2019

Amazon Web Services is building a cloud-based industrial digital production platform for Volkswagen that will transform the car maker’s manufacturing and logistics processes using IoT, machine learning, analytics and compute services.
The aim is to increase plant efficiency and uptime, improve production flexibility, and increase vehicle quality.
The Volkswagen industrial cloud will bring together real-time data from all Volkswagen Group’s 122 manufacturing plants to manage the overall effectiveness of assembly equipment, as well as track parts and vehicles.
Volkswagen will use the suite of AWS IoT services, including IoT Greengrass, IoT Core, IoT Analytics and IoT SiteWise, to detect, collect, organise and run analytics on data from the plant floor. Thes IoT services will deliver insights into manufacturing operations across facilities that will optimise production and improve process efficiencies.
With a company-wide data lake built on Amazon’s S3 simple storage service to analyse the data, Volkswagen will glean insights that will pinpoint operational trends, improve forecasting, and streamline operations by identifying gaps in production and waste.
“We will continue to strengthen production as a key competitive factor for the Volkswagen Group,” said VW member board Oliver Blume. “Our strategic collaboration with AWS will lay the foundation. The Volkswagen Group, with its global expertise in automobile production, and AWS, with its technological know-how, complement each other extraordinarily well. With our global industry platform, we want to create a growing industrial ecosystem with transparency and efficiency bringing benefits to all concerned.”
The German car maker will use Amazon SageMaker, a managed service that provides developers and data scientists with the ability to build, train and deploy machine learning models quickly, to optimise the operation of machinery and equipment in all of its plants. Additionally, Volkswagen plans to use AWS Outposts, which bring native AWS services, infrastructure and operating models on-premises, providing seamless functionality between the factory floor and the cloud for latency sensitive applications, offering a consistent hybrid experience.
“Volkswagen’s industrial cloud, which will reinvent its manufacturing and logistics processes, is yet another example of how Volkswagen continues to innovate and lead,” said Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS. “Volkswagen and AWS's collaboration will have a profound impact on efficiency and quality in production throughout Volkswagen’s global supply chain, as Volkswagen gains access to the broadest and deepest cloud with the most functionality, the most innovation, the highest performance and security, and the largest community of partners and customers of any other infrastructure provider. We are tightly aligned across Volkswagen’s businesses to help them reimagine the future of automobile manufacturing by taking advantage of all the benefits the cloud can deliver.”