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Avnet puts weight behind remote patient monitoring in India

Steve Rogerson
October 25, 2017

Arizona technology distributor Avnet is helping MedioTek Health Systems promote its VinCense remote patient monitoring system in India. Under the agreement, Avnet will engage its network of ecosystem suppliers and providers in the industry to help market the system.
Advancements in technologies have stimulated the adoption of wearable devices in the healthcare industry. VinCense uses a wearable that measures pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and skin temperature, complemented by an application that sends out alerts to five pre-configured numbers if the vitals go out of range. A web-interface captures vital signs wirelessly and pushes into a secure cloud application.
"Our platform connects devices anytime, anywhere, enabling a seamless experience for clinicians, hospitals and patients," said Sharmila Devadoss, managing director of Chennai-based MedioTek. “The platform enables early intervention and improved clinical outcomes particularly for chronic disease sufferers. Leveraging Avnet's know-how from design to product development and its strong network, Avnet is an ideal marketing partner to help us be poised to become a leader in the global healthcare market."
Since the early stages of the product design, Avnet has provided support to MedioTek. The Avnet team guided the company in developing critical software stacks, providing its engineering and consulting expertise to the design team from concept to the final product stage.
"Avnet is committed to supporting small to medium enterprises and start-ups such as MedioTek, from idea to production,” said Andy Wong, senior vice president of Avnet Asia. “Healthcare is one of our key market segments, so we're thrilled to be part of this project with MedioTek."
VinCense is being used in more than twenty hospitals across India, including key hospitals such as Madras Medical Mission in Chennai and MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital in Bangalore.
"Thanks to advances in wireless technology, wearable devices effectively help us to recognise acute illnesses,” said Aruna Ramesh, head of the department of emergency medicine at MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital. “The data inputted into various calculators help us to score and categorise patients and implement management plans more easily. The VinCense remote patient monitoring platform with real-time actionable data and a user-centric interface transmission supports healthcare providers at our hospitals to access dynamic parameters. This enables early identification of patients at risk of deterioration, ensuring timely medical or surgical intervention."
It can be used for monitoring at-risk post-operation and rehabilitation patients as well as for quick screening of vitals for in-patients and out-patients. The remote monitoring feature is also helping the hospitals monitor their recently discharged patients more effectively.
VinCense uses Bluetooth connectivity and other electronic devices from Texas Instruments.
"Avnet and Texas Instruments have worked together for many years,” said Praveen Ganapathy, a director at Texas Instruments. “By leveraging Avnet's end-to-end value added services in design and supply chain, as well as TI's low power MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and analogue front-end devices, MedioTek is able to make digital and real-time healthcare accessible and affordable to more patients."