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Ava expands fertility tracking into Asia

Steve Rogerson
December 11, 2018

Swiss fertility tracking technology company Ava has expanded into Asia with the opening of an office in Hong Kong. It has also unveiled an improved and updated version of its fertility tracker, along with a host of premium services to US users, including a one-year pregnancy guarantee and access to one-on-one fertility coaching.
With the addition of Hong Kong, Ava's international footprint now extends through North America, Europe and Asia. Launched in the USA in July 2016, the bracelet is sold in 33 countries and has helped more than 16,000 women become pregnant, with about 50 new pregnancies a day being reported among Ava users.
"We have seen huge demand from women in Asia who have been waiting for a better way to track their cycles, improve their chances of conception and get valuable insights to take control of their health," said Ava co-founder Lea von Bidder. "With this Hong Kong launch, we are excited to meet the need here and as a stepping stone to the rest of Asia."
Ava's latest improved and updated sensor bracelet has a sleeker strap and redesigned pod optimised for better performance and comfort, along with a silent alarm to wake wearers with a discrete vibration. In addition, the Ava app now includes a newsfeed-style dashboard, allowing Ava to engage directly with its users. Users can also customise the health dashboard, allowing them more freedom to personalise their app experience.
In the USA, Ava customers now have two new bundled packages available if they want to upgrade their purchase. The Plus version at $399 includes a one-year pregnancy guarantee (users who do not conceive within 12 months of using Ava can receive a full refund of the purchase price), along with an e-book filled with science-backed information about conceiving and helpful tips and tricks about cycle-tracking and access to expert-led health, fertility and pregnancy webinars.
The Premium version for $699 includes the one-year money-back pregnancy guarantee, access to the e-book and webinars, as well as 100 minutes of one-on-one coaching with an Ava-certified fertility coach.
"We enhanced our bracelet features and introduced these new value-add services from science-backed, expert information and guidance in e-books and webinars, to one-on-one fertility coaching with the ultimate goal of helping Ava users get pregnant faster," said von Bidder. "Our goal is to set Ava users up for success – and feel supported – in their journey to conception, and we believe that if Ava can't help you get pregnant with all these resources and guidance, we don't think you should have to pay for it."
Ava is a wearable medical device in the form of a comfortable bracelet that helps women track their monthly cycle, fertility or pregnancy. Worn only at night while sleeping, the Ava bracelet measures key physiological parameters to detect signals in the user's body to recognise when she is entering her fertile window in real time.
Physiological parameters are charted in the app so the user can see patterns and changes throughout her cycle. Ava provides fertile window and ovulation predictions based on the user's physiological data, giving her claimed more fertile days than other methods, and more personal physiological information than other apps. There are only six days per month when it's possible to conceive, and Ava has been clinically proven via five clinical researches at the University of Zurich to recognise 5.3 of these days with 89% accuracy.
Ava is a digital health company with offices in Zurich, San Francisco and now Hong Kong.