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Fertility tracker company Ava raises $30m

Steve Rogerson
June 5, 2018

Swiss fertility tracking company Ava has raised $30m in a series B funding round. The firm makes a cycle tracking bracelet.
Most of the new financing came from existing investors, with European VC firm Btov and SVC, an investment vehicle of Credit Suisse, also joining the round.
Ava also announced its cycle-tracking sensor bracelet, which precisely detects the 5.3-day fertile window in a woman’s cycle in real time, has officially reached a milestone of 10,000 pregnancies among users since launching in July 2016.
According to Ava co-founder Pascal Koenig, the company will use the new funds for further product research and development to enhance the existing product and create applications that empower women to take control of their reproductive health via data insights and science.
“Ava’s long-term vision is to accompany women through all stages of their reproductive life by providing data-driven, clinically proven technology that will make a woman’s life easier, healthier and better, be it when they just want to understand their body, while they are trying to prevent pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or entering menopause,” Koenig said.
Ava continues to invest heavily in clinical trials with the University Hospital of Zurich under the direction of Brigitte Leeners to study applications of the technology among women trying to get pregnant, suffering from fertility problems, and to understand complications during pregnancy.
“It’s exciting to work with a company that is literally reshaping the way we think about menstrual cycles, hormones and women’s health,” said Leeners. “Combining the best in science, data insights and technology is not only helping to create families, but improving women’s lives around the world.”
Last year, Ava also hired its first chief medical officer, Bayer Schering veteran Maureen Cronin, to help shepherd the company through clinical and regulatory processes involved in product development, particularly in the area of contraceptives.
Founded in Switzerland in 2014 by specialists in wearable technology, women’s health and data science, Ava is a medical technology company dedicated to bringing innovation to women’s reproductive health. The company has operations in Zurich and San Francisco.