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AT&T connects Sentient smart sensors for grid analytics

Steve Rogerson
October 26, 2016
Silicon Valley smart grid start-up Sentient Energy and AT&T have joined forces to bring Sentient’s line sensors and grid analytics system to electric utilities on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.
The two companies are collaborating to improve the safety and reliability of electric service to smart cities, consumers and commerce.
Equipped with high-resolution oscillography, Sentient’s MM3 sensors detect faults and fault precursors on electric power lines, and enable the safe integration of rooftop solar and other distributed energy resources into the grid. With the grid analytics system, utilities can quickly restore power and avoid outages by predicting and preventing failures.
“AT&T is dedicated to providing the utility industry with innovative IoT technologies,” said Mike Zeto, executive director at AT&T. “By teaming with Sentient Energy, we utilise our global 4G LTE network to help utilities make the grid more reliable, safer and more efficient.”
The sensors with AT&T wireless connectivity do not require any pole-mounted equipment and provide important grid operations information in near real time by connecting to the AT&T network.
“Sentient leads the market with the largest line sensor deployments in North America,” said Michael Bauer, Sentient Energy president and founder. “We look forward to growing our deployments of the grid analytics system on AT&T’s pervasive 4G LTE network at many of our customers, including PG&E, KCPL, Manitoba Hydro and New Brunswick Power.”
The grid analytics system covers the entire distribution network with quickly deployed intelligent sensors and analytics that identify and analyse potential faults and other grid events.