Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AttoCore adds IoT support to mobile network software

Steve Rogerson
February 6, 2020

AttoCore, a developer of 4G and 5G mobile core network software, has enhanced its flagship AttoEPC enhanced packet core to add support for the IoT.
The past few years have seen considerable acceleration in the use of mobile technology to support intelligent communications between smart devices. Deployment of IoT devices could reach the 100bn mark by 2025. Much of the interest in deploying devices is not for inclusion in massive national networks, but for enhancing the capabilities of local networks to transport quickly and securely IoT information of local relevance.
Across the world, shared spectrum deregulation programmes, such as CBRS in the USA, are enabling enterprises, systems integrators and new service providers to deploy enterprise grade private LTE networks, which have been specifically crafted to deliver at the local level the application support and reliability familiar to all users of the LTE based national networks.
AttoEPC is suited to being deployed in such networks and can be deployed standalone on low end COTS servers hosting the Linux operating system, or embedded directly onto 4G radios, including small cells.
With this latest enhancement, the mobile broadband capabilities of AttoEPC have been enhanced to provide support for both NB-IoT and Cat-M1, making it possible for enterprises to carry mission critical, secure or latency sensitive IoT information across private LTE networks, without the need to transit national MNO networks, or where it is not possible to use the MNO networks, due to lack of coverage or lack of support for the IoT.
This enhancement is available in the latest release of AttoEPC software and can be retrofitted to existing AttoEPC deployments as a value added upgrade.
“AttoEPC is ideally suited to deployment at the network edge, including CBRS enabled private LTE networks,” said David Neil, chief technology officer of UK-based AttoCore. “The addition of IoT allows enterprises, systems integrators and service providers to enhance these private LTE networks in the direction of industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. AttoCore is committed to address the need for flexible, scalable and high performance mobile core software for deployment at the network edge and continues to develop its existing 4G capabilities, delivering functionality with immediate application, with a firm upgrade path towards 5G.”
AttoCore develops ultra-mobile core network software technology that can be deployed in consumer, professional, government and enterprise scenarios. Small footprint and high quality make it suited to edge applications. Deployment can be as a standalone network, or interconnected with existing network services to extend wireless services anywhere in the world.