Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AT&T and Biotricity partner on connecting medical devices

Steve Rogerson
August 23, 2016
California-based medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company Biotricity has teamed up with AT&T to connect its biometric remote monitoring product to the IoT.
AT&T, which is providing a pilot of the system, will power Biotricity’s wearable medical devices with near real-time connectivity for data transmission, which supports the company’s vision of creating a true IoT enabled wearable medical device. Connectivity will commence with the launch before the end of the year of the device, called Bioflux.
“For medical device manufacturers to successfully enter and establish themselves in the new connected healthcare industry, it is imperative that they look beyond traditional forms of technological innovation,” said Biotricity founder and CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq. “IoT, for example, would be an avenue for consideration and medical device manufacturers are uniquely positioned to be successful in this market, as they have a profound understanding of the regulatory process, critical applications and patient risk.”
He said that as the company prepared to commercialise its first medical product, it understand the importance of integrating the IoT into next generation devices within the regulatory environment.
“We believe there will be a true market advantage,” he said.
By enabling the medical community to perform deep data analytics and ultimately increase the efficiency and effectiveness of care, the use of the IoT in medical devices can support key initiatives such as preventative care, home care and critical care response. As medical device manufacturers, healthcare practitioners and enthusiasts continue to embrace the benefits of technology in healthcare, the intersection of medical technology and the IoT will become increasingly more important.
“IoT will support a new generation of medical devices capable of transmitting data on an ongoing basis that help push care outside of the hospital and allow for continuous care virtually wherever the patients goes,” said Steve Burger, AVP of business development and connected health at AT&T. “By wireless enabling their devices, Biotricity will help enable caregivers and healthcare institutions to use their patients’ data in near real time to make informed and timely decisions.”