Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AT&T expands asset management to Asia

Steve Rogerson
March 1, 2016
AT&T is helping companies across the world stay connected to their assets from almost anywhere by extending its air cargo tracking services to companies in Asia. Businesses can use the company’s IoT technology to manage a wide range of assets that include air cargo, storage tanks, heavy equipment and shipping containers.
The adoption of IoT technology for asset management continues to grow rapidly. According to Machina Research, the high value asset management market is expected to have 400 million cellular and low-power devices by 2020.
"We're now expanding our global footprint to help companies in Asia stay tethered to their assets across the world," said Mike Troiano, vice president at AT&T. "Whether an oil services company needs a real-time snapshot of inventories or a medical company needs to ship temperature-sensitive supplies, we're making it easier for our customers to monitor their assets from almost anywhere."
AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe helps companies remotely monitor the conditions of their shipped assets. This reduces the risk of damaged, lost or stolen cargo. Businesses can monitor conditions such as location, temperature, light, motion, shock and pressure.
Launched in August 2014 in the USA, the service is now expanding to Asia. The company is teaming up with UPR, a logistics management provider in Japan, to use AT&T IoT technology. Together, they plan to let customers better manage their shipments in the sky, on land and at sea. This should help shippers mitigate risk, enhance quality control and manage cost.
UPR will integrate AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe into its World Keeper logistics management platform. UPR customers will be able to monitor remotely their shipments more closely. They can track shipments as they travel by air, road, rail and sea.
The company is also launching storage tank monitoring for businesses in the oil and gas industry. The technology lets companies remotely monitor levels of storage tanks that hold oil, chemicals and compressed gasses. These businesses depend on their distributors to make deliveries on time. Fleet, logistics and operations managers now have near real-time visibility into their tanks' fill levels. They can remotely view the capacity of containers in the field to streamline pickups and deliveries.
Retif Oil & Fuel is an integrated energy provider that delivers oil, gas and renewables to hundreds of customers in the USA. The company uses AT&T’s IoT connectivity for its storage tank monitoring to save money and improve service levels for its business customers.
"We have thousands of storage tanks in the field," said Kenny Retif, president of Retif Oil & Fuel. "We're not only able to keep a more accurate inventory of our tanks, but also ensure that our drivers are only making trips when pickups or deliveries are necessary. AT&T gives us the connectivity we need to operate more efficiently."
The company is also helping heavy equipment operators, OEMs and rental companies capture important data. Managers use an app to view information on location, diagnostics and usage to help improve equipment management and maintenance.
Sany America is a manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment. The company is using this to help its customer and dealer network remotely track and monitor the health and usage of its equipment.
"We're on pace to have several hundred units tracking equipment data by the end of the year, and we're starting to install the devices during our assembly process," said Kevin Grover, excavator platform manager at Sany America. "Our team at AT&T has been an integral part of making our project an ongoing success."
AT&T’s asset management for shipping containers is now available to all businesses. Companies that transport containers by truck or railroad can use the AT&T network to have a complete view of their containers or trailers from departure to arrival.
One of the world's largest shipping container companies uses AT&T IoT technology to track and monitor its refrigerated containers. Now the service is available to businesses that manage dry containers and other high value assets such as generators and construction site equipment.
AT&T is offering software developers tools to build asset management applications. They can use AT&T Flow Designer and M2X to create apps that collect data from IoT devices. They have access to asset location, geofencing, monitoring and alerts to develop new services.
AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe was developed with the AT&T Foundry for IoT innovation in Plano, Texas. AT&T is working with Salesforce to demonstrate how combining AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe and the Salesforce platform can better serve Salesforce's customers, who will be able to view Cargo View sensor data via the Salesforce platform to obtain near real-time information on their shipments. They will have a dashboard view into both sales and delivery information to help them provide better customer service.