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Asus smart watch can check blood pressure in 15 seconds

Steve Rogerson
June 19, 2018

A smart watch that can monitor blood pressure in real time was introduced by Taiwanese computer company Asus at this month’s Computex in Taipei.
The VivoWatch BP watch is equipped with the firm’s HealthAI technology that analyses the wearer's blood pressure measurements and daily lifestyle habits to provide recommendations for controlling blood pressure.
Embedded ECG and PPG sensors measure blood pressure in 15 seconds. The HealthAI smart technology includes an algorithm that provides personalised health advice and blood pressure management tips based on blood pressure data and personal habits.
It has a 28-day battery life so the round-the-clock health assistant makes blood pressure tracking easier and hassle-free.
The device can also measure heart rate, track sleep and count the number of steps taken each day. These health data are then analysed to provide personal advice for improving blood pressure and setting daily step and sleep goals. Its also provides a de-stress index with suggestions for a better life style.
Though the watch is built with medical grade materials, the company stressed that it should not be considered as a medical device and is not intended for diagnosing medical conditions.
It is claimed to be seventy per cent smaller and fifty per cent lighter than current wrist-mounted blood-pressure monitors.
The show also included a sneak peek at Project Precog, a concept device that is claimed to be the world's first convertible dual-screen notebook computer equipped with artificial intelligence. The dual-screen form factor is designed to provide versatility and productivity, and a full set of intelligent capabilities, including intelligent touch and intelligent charging.
“Over the last three decades, Asus has focused on delivering meaningful innovations to market as well as refining every meticulous detail to perfect the computing experience,” said Asus chairman Jonney Shih. “We aspire to bring out the best in everyone by helping them unleash their creative power with beauty, performance, innovation and state-of-the-art technology including AI.”