Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Astea and Software AG combine IoT and FSM

Steve Rogerson
August 22, 2019
Pennsylvania-based Astea is working with Software AG to offer service organisations a turnkey field service management (FSM) and IoT combination.
Astea's Alliance Enterprise powered by Germany-based Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform offers service organisations a scalable platform that is said to be easy to deploy and proven to simplify asset maintenance, improve equipment uptime and elevate customer satisfaction and retention.
As the number of smart devices deployed in the field increases, the IoT is fast becoming the cornerstone of innovative and differentiated business offerings. The availability of low-cost IoT sensors, higher bandwidth wireless networks and more robust cloud computing infrastructure is moving traditional service delivery beyond simple break-fix to a more proactive and predictive business model.
The turnkey offering from Astea and Software AG helps service organisations offer this type of proactive, outcome-based service delivery.
"Thanks to the proliferation of IoT-enabled devices, customers are starting to expect specific solutions for their unique problems," said Emily Hackman, director of global marketing at Astea International. “They do not want one-size-fits-all service offerings. The integrated FSM and IoT will identify and analyse all valuable data from an organisation's entire arsenal of IoT components. Service providers can create highly personalised, usage-based service contracts by leveraging all this collected data on how their customers are operating their devices. They can also simplify asset maintenance and improve equipment uptime by spotting trends and taking proactive action, all of which leads to higher customer satisfaction."
Service providers can immediately take advantage of real-time data across all key business operations not only to create usage-based maintenance schedules, but also to predict, and consequently prevent, equipment failures more accurately. Additionally, service organisations can lower the cost of service delivery by reducing the number of truck rolls and improving inventory use. Lastly, they can meet greater service level agreement commitments with fewer resources by seamlessly leveraging IoT from within their FSM platform.
"We are excited to be working with Astea as their strategic partner for IoT," said Rob Risany, vice president at Software AG. "The data generated from IoT devices are only valuable if users can effectively analyse them. With this integration between Astea's FSM software and Cumulocity IoT, enterprise service organisations will be able to harness real-time information provided by their assets in the field in ways that will improve service delivery, reduce costs and create new service revenue opportunities through differentiated offerings."
Astea specialises in field service and mobile workforce management, including the cornerstones of full service lifecycle management – customer management, service management, asset management, forward and reverse logistics management, and mobile workforce management and optimisation.
Software AG has more than 4700 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €866m in 2018.