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Ascensia and Health2Sync partner on digital diabetes care

Steve Rogerson
December 5, 2017

A partnership between Swiss company Ascensia Diabetes Care and Taiwan-based Health2Sync aims to improve diabetes care by bringing integrated digital management to patients in Asia.
The companies plan to create a combined offering for people with diabetes that comprises the Contour Plus or Contour TS blood glucose monitoring systems from Ascensia, the Health2Sync app and a loyalty programme for users.
Once the combined offering is launched, when people with diabetes purchase the Contour systems, they will be able to join the Ascensia Customer Care loyalty programme after registering for an account in the Health2Sync mobile app. Membership benefits include discount coupons for test strips, promotions and educational materials about diabetes.
By using the Health2Sync app, people with diabetes will be able to log their blood glucose readings, track their blood glucose values, and make decisions related to diabetes management based on the analyses provided. A Bluetooth wireless enabled dongle from Health2Sync is also available. This dongle connects to the meter and allows data to be directly downloaded from the meter to the app.
"This collaboration with Health2Sync will enable us to bring effective digital management to people with diabetes in Asia," said Michael Kloss, CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care. "By bringing together the accuracy and user friendly features of our meters with the innovative software capabilities in the Health2Sync app, we are able to provide significant value for people with diabetes in this region."
The bundled package will initially be available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, with potential for additional countries and regions to be added. Health2Sync and Ascensia are also exploring approaches to delivering the combined offering via health insurance providers for people with diabetes.
"We are thrilled to be partnering with Ascensia to bring our app-based diabetes management system to more patients," said Ed Deng, CEO of Health2Sync. "The credibility and heritage of Ascensia in diabetes care ideally complement our expertise in innovative software, and we are confident that this combined offering will provide an integration that helps people with diabetes better manage their condition."
The Health2Sync diabetes management mobile app and patient management platform are designed to make blood glucose tracking and management more meaningful. The app lets people with diabetes easily log blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and daily activities to allow them to have a better understanding of their health.
The app helps users interpret data they logged and provides customised feedback and reminders that assist users to improve diabetes control. The app also allows people with diabetes to invite friends and family members as partners in the app to support them in managing diabetes together.
For healthcare providers, Health2Sync's web-based patient management platform enables more efficient tracking of patients and care provider follow-up.
The Contour Plus provides easy-to-use blood glucose monitoring with accuracy that meets ISO 15197: 2013. Features are designed to help people with diabetes effectively monitor their blood glucose, including second-chance sampling, which allows an individual to add more blood when the first sample isn't enough. The Contour TS is a lightweight, simple to use system that also meets ISO 15197: 2013.